INBRACE Unveils World’s Most Advanced Fully Invisible Braces

Business Wire | May 9, 2017

INBRACE (, the most advanced technology ever used to straighten teeth and perfect a patient’s smile, was publicly displayed for the first time during the American Association of Orthodontists Conference in front of a capacity crowd at EvoNexus ( in San Diego, California. INBRACE has received more than $6M in funding to date, is FDA registered, and currently available to orthodontists and patients.

INBRACE was developed from patented technology at the University of Southern California (USC) and through an unprecedented collaboration among top dental and engineering research programs, craniofacial hospitals, and orthodontic practices in the nation. The company was co-founded by Dr. John Pham, an orthodontist, entrepreneur, and aerospace engineer, and Dr. Hongsheng Tong, a bone biologist and orthodontist.

“INBRACE has the DNA to be a billion-dollar company,” said Rory Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of EvoNexus, one of the top incubators in Southern California. “It is a perfect match of an outstanding management team and product market fit that investors have been responding to enthusiastically.”

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