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Identification of a clinically efficacious CAR T cell subset in diffuse large B cell lymphoma by dynamic multidimensional single-cell profiling featuring CellChorus


Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells used for the treatment of B cell malignancies can identify T cell subsets with superior clinical activity. Here, using infusion products of individuals with large B cell lymphoma, we integrated functional profiling using timelapse imaging microscopy in nanowell grids with subcellular profiling and single-cell RNA sequencing to identify a signature of multifunctional CD8+ T cells (CD8-fit T cells). CD8-fit T cells are capable of migration and serial killing and harbor balanced mitochondrial and lysosomal volumes. Using independent datasets, we validate that CD8-fit T cells (1) are present premanufacture and are associated with clinical responses in individuals treated with axicabtagene ciloleucel, (2) longitudinally persist in individuals after treatment with CAR T cells and (3) are tumor migrating cytolytic cells capable of intratumoral expansion in solid tumors.

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