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Gaylord Specialty Healthcare First in Nation to Adopt Ground-Breaking Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation Technology to Treat Patients with Dysphagia featuring Phagenesis


WALLINGFORD, Conn.May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, a nonprofit rehabilitation-focused healthcare system, is proud to announce that it is the first healthcare organization in the nation to use the Phagenyx® Neurostimulation System from Phagenesis, Ltd. to treat dysphagia among stroke patients.

Dysphagia – or the difficulty or inability to swallow – affects millions worldwide and is a common diagnosis among adult patients at long-term acute care hospitals, including Gaylord Hospital. Dysphagia following stroke is most often caused by damage to the parts of the brain that control and coordinate swallowing and can lead to serious medical complications, including aspiration pneumonia.

The device uses first-of-its-kind Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation (PES) technology to precisely target and stimulate sensory nerves within the pharyngeal mucosa critical for safe and efficient swallowing function. Clinical studies have shown PES using the FDA-approved Phagenyx device can improve swallowing function, reduce aspiration risk, and improve patient outcomes. The device has received regulatory approval in multiple countries and is used in leading hospitals and rehabilitation centers worldwide.

“Gaylord prides itself on being an early adopter of technologies that can make a difference in our patients’ functional recovery,” stated Peter Grevelding, PT, MSPT, Gaylord Specialty Healthcare Vice President of Clinical Operations and Executive Director, Milne Institute for Healthcare Innovation.

“Based on the results of several clinical trials, the Phagenyx System has shown to be safe and reliable,” Grevelding continued. “We have seen great results with the very first patients. It will be a valuable tool in improving the quality of care for our stroke patients who face swallowing problems.”

“We are pleased to partner with Gaylord Specialty Healthcare and provide their patients with access to our Phagenyx device,” said Reinhard Krickl, CEO of Phagenesis, Ltd. “Our mission is to transform the lives of individuals with dysphagia by providing them with a revolutionary treatment that significantly improves their ability to swallow and eat.”

To learn more about how Phagenyx technology can revolutionize treatment options for those with dysphagia, visit For additional information on dysphagia treatment at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, visit

About Gaylord Specialty Healthcare: 
Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is a rehabilitation-focused, nonprofit health system headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut, that provides inpatient and outpatient care for people at every point in their journey from illness or injury to maximum recovery.

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is anchored by Gaylord Hospital, a long-term acute care hospital, and includes Gaylord Outpatient Services and Gaylord Physical Therapy for patients who require diagnosis and treatment on an outpatient basis. Gaylord’s Milne Institute for Healthcare Innovation is a hub for accelerating world-class rehabilitative research, technology development and innovation to improve the quality of life and function of people around the world. Together, these entities deliver a complete continuum of rehabilitative care driven by clinical experience, innovation and human compassion.