Explorer Surgical lands $3 million more for operating room software

Robert Holly | August 29, 2017

New Venture Challenge alum ExplORer Surgical, which makes software for surgical teams to use in the operating room, has raised $3 million, the company announced Tuesday.

Commercially launched in 2016 and based in River North, ExplORer offers a platform that helps teams manage operating rooms and glean insights. It’s a centralized system designed to standardize an often-volatile workplace, said CEO and co-founder Jennifer Fried.

“I think there’s a common misperception by folks who don’t spend their days in the (operating room) where they imagine it as this perfectly run environment, this well-oiled machine,” said Fried, a former University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA student. “The truth is there’s a lot of complexity that happens, and two surgeons doing the same procedure in rooms right next to each other could look totally different.”

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