Dr. Cory Kidd, Founder & CEO of Catalia Health Interviewed by MedGadget

Conn Hastings | March 30, 2017

Ensuring that patients adhere to a drug regimen is vitally important to help them manage their symptoms and long-term health prospects. In patients with chronic conditions, taking medication consistently is extremely important, as is monitoring their symptoms to adjust treatment. Older patients may require more engagement to help them manage chronic conditions and keep their healthcare team up to date on their symptoms. Catalia Health, based in San Francisco, have developed Mabu, a personal healthcare assistant robot to address these issues. Catalia presented Mabu at the recent AdvaMed Digital MedTech Conference in San Francisco.

Mabu uses AI technology developed over more than a decade, originally by its founder, Dr. Cory Kidd, and now advanced further by the Catalia Health team. This system includes inputs from other algorithms such as those created by Affectiva, an MIT spinoff, to engage with patients in their own home and adapt conversations to suit the patient at that particular moment. Mabu can ask how the patient is feeling and relay this information back to healthcare providers if symptoms are getting worse. Mabu provides reminds about taking medication, but importantly, if poor adherence is an issue, the robot can help to get to the root of the problem by monitoring when and how patients take their medication.

Medgadget had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Cory Kidd, founder and CEO of Catalia Health.