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Vascular Access: A Difficult Problem  Venipuncture is pivotal for a wide array of clinical interventions, with more than 90% of hospitalized patients requiring access and an estimated 3 billion venipunctures per year worldwide. Despite its frequency, vascular access remains a consistent challenge for clinicians with the rate of success heavily dependent on the patient’s physiology and practitioner skill. Failed and repeated venipuncture is a leading cause of medical injury, with negative implications for physicians, patients and hospitals.

Negative Impact on Patients and Healthcare Institutions

  • Venipuncture is the number one source of stress and physical pain for hospitalized children
  • Overall venipuncture failure rates are 20-30%, with 45-70% failure rates in difficult populations
  • Failure/multiple sticks leads to increased hospital operating costs
  • Failed vascular access leads to more invasive procedures, which are both dangerous and expensive
  • Central line (CVC) insertion complications alone account for: 7% excess mortality, 4.4 days excess hospitalization, $17,312 excess charges per patient and >$4b total annualized hospital cost.

First Time, Every Time: The SingleStick Solution SingleStick™ is an imaging adapter utilizing optical coherence tomography (OCT) for vascular access. It consists of three components: a handheld imaging adapter (disposable), an OCT light/power source and an image visualization software/app. The handheld imaging adapter leur-locks to any hollow bore needle and introduces an optical fiber/probe into the needle. The captured image from the needle tip is transmitted to an image processor providing real-time guidance of the needle’s trajectory on an iPad.

  • SingleStick does not change existing technique and is easily incorporated into existing workflows (vs. ultrasound guidance which requires a special training and a two handed technique)
  • SingleStick is compatible with standard needles and catheters
  • SingleStick increases efficiency and decreases procedure time
  • SingleStick improves patient care, reduces hospital costs and reduces complications
  • SingleStick addresses the important issues of vein preservation and patient satisfaction

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