MedTech Innovator 2023 All-Stars Alumni Investor Showcase – Boston

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MedTech Innovator All-Stars Investor Showcase: May 10-11, 2023

The investor showcase at Device Talks Boston features 22 All-Star MedTech Innovator Alumni. This is the first time that MTI has opened access to investors to see when its portfolio companies have an open funding round.

Some highlights on the 22 MTI All-Stars selected to present:

  • raising Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds between $1M-25M
  • average current raise of $9M
  • many have lead investors and significant committed capital
  • range from pre-clinical to approved products / growth stage
  • hail from MTI’s 2014-2022 cohorts with significant milestones achieved
  • applications in Cardiology, Neurology, Imaging, Robotics, Urology, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Oncology
20-25% of all investment dollars raised in the medtech sector between 2021-2022 went to an MTI graduate.There will be many strategics in attendance from companies like Abbott, Abiomed, BD, Boston Scientific, J&J, Medtronic, Philips. Stryker, and Zimmer Biomet. We’re also holding a special investor-only networking hour for attending investors to get to know each other.
The DeviceTalks conference is held at the Boston Convention Center. For registration go to

MedTech Innovator All-Stars Alumni Showcase

May 10 - 10:50 AM (Meeting Room 159)

Augment Health is a medical technology company developing the first active bladder monitoring platform to support urologists in treating the 7 million neurogenic bladder patients in the US

Revolutionizing Infectious Disease Diagnostics using Next Generation Sequencing and Machine Learning

DermaSensor Inc. is a health technology company designing non-invasive tools to better equip primary care physicians for skin cancer detection.

Fibralign Corp’s BioBridge is a novel therapeutic device in early commercial stage for the treatment and prevention of lymphedema, a global chronic disease that currently has no cure.

Limax Biosciences has developed a next generation, stretchable hydrogel-based tissue adhesive to transform treatments for injuries inside and outside the body.

The Versus™ Catheter, by Liquet Medical Inc. is an intelligent drug delivery system for Pulmonary Embolism allowing for personalized patient care through real-time hemodynamics monitoring, increasing speed to treatment, and lowering hospital costs.

RevBio is the innovator of TETRANITE®, a patented regenerative adhesive biomaterial that has been bioengineered for a body of applications to transform bone repair.

MY01 helps make trauma outcomes more predictable by providing objective data to manage complex fracture patients

May 10 - 2 PM (Meeting Room 159)

CardiaCare – Revolutionizing Atrial Fibrillation Treatment with Wearable Tech
Corveus Medical is developing a pressure-relief therapy for heart failure patients through a targeted, minimally invasive nerve ablation procedure.
LiveMetric is the only FDA-cleared, calibration-free, cuff-free, continuous blood pressure wearable that provides thousands of measurements per month that are digitally transmitted to a provider from which important care and treatment decisions can be made

Meacor is developing a novel anchoring catheter that uses on-demand cryoadhesion for the treatment of mitral and tricuspid valve.

MonarchBio’s Titan Flow Diverter is being readied for a human clinical trial and leverages Thin Film Nitinol (TFN) technology to achieve faster and more reliable aneurysm occlusion than competing products.

Respirix’s Cardiospire technology is a new approach to noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring using airway pressure for continuous, high-fidelity modeling of stroke volume and pulmonary artery pressures.

At SafeBeat, we make machine learning software that powers a cardiac telemetry hospitalization at home.

May 11 - 11:15 AM (Meeting Room 159)

Alva Health is developing a non-invasive wearable device for real-time stroke detection

A digital sense of touch in logistics, surgical, & industrial robotics

Lazurite’s ArthroFree® System is the first wireless surgical camera with FDA market clearance for arthroscopy and general endoscopy.

MindMics provides an innovative solution to heart monitoring with our patented in-ear infrasonic hemodynography technology, integrated into everyday earbuds and clinically validated, delivering accurate and non-invasive heart monitoring

PhotoPharmics features an FDA Breakthrough device which resolves large, unmet needs, is based on proven mechanism of action, and is ready to start a pivotal trial.

Prapela is introducing the first mattress pad to help babies breathe.

Sonavex is a venture-backed clinical stage medtech company spun out from Johns Hopkins with technology that uses deep learning to reduce dangerous and expensive central venous catheter time for dialysis patients.

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