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Bone Health Technologies Raises $5M to Advance Osteopenia Treatment


Bone Health Technologies (BHT) has recently closed a $5 million funding round to enhance care for individuals with low bone density. This round saw contributions from Esplanade Ventures, Berkeley Catalyst Fund, and Terumo Medical, a global leader in medical technology.

The funding arrives at a crucial juncture, with BHT nearing the de novo FDA clearance for its Osteoboost vibration wearable. Osteoboost, designed to combat the bone strength and density loss prevalent in postmenopausal women, utilizes precision vibration to stimulate bone regeneration, thereby reducing the risk of osteopenia progressing to osteoporosis. Clinical trials of Osteoboost demonstrated significant slowdowns in bone density loss, alongside high user adherence rates of over 80% and no serious adverse events.

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