Admetsys Wins Top Prize at SXSW Hatch Pitch competition

At the Hatch pitch competition Monday, five companies came away

victorious, including a few big winners. Here they are, as well as the six other

companies who pitched.

First place: Admetsys

Prize includes: first round interview at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator;

slots in two other accelerators; credits for services from Microsoft and Amazon;

entrepreneur office hours

—Admetsys has developed a glucose control system for diabetic patients. It is

an automated system, which the company calls an artificial pancreas, and is

designed to reduce the amount of time patients spend in hospitals, says CEO

Jeff Valk. The Boston-based company has completed three FDA-approved clinical

trials, though it is still waiting for pivotal data because it does not have its final

device yet, Valk says. It expects that device to be ready in September.

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