Meet LIM, the tech company creating the ultimate wearable: prosthetic sockets

Lauren Goode | April 26, 2016


But LIM isn’t working on a social app, or an Uber for X delivery service, or a bot. For the past five years LIM has been working on making the ultimate wearable: a prosthetic socket that is soft, adjustable, and modular.

LIM-innovations-socket-prosthetic-health-techVjeran Pavic

It’s difficult for people who don’t have to wear a prosthetic leg to understand the potential impact of such a device. Some parts of lower-limb prostheses — like cheetah blade legs or microprocessor-controlled knees — are more recognizable, both because they’re more visible to others and because the bulk of innovation in prosthetics has been devoted to these parts in recent years. The socket is the unsung hero of the prosthetic system. Physically, it’s a giant cup that suctions onto a residual limb and attaches to the prosthetic. Conceptually, it is the critical interface between man and the machine.

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