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Allotrope Medical: A Simple Solution for Protecting the Ureter During Surgery

There are three million surgical procedures each year (in the US) in which there is a risk of injuring the ureter, and rates of injury are highest in minimally invasive cases, where up to 30% of OR time can be spent on trying to identify the ureter to spare it from harm. Allotrope Medical has developed an intuitive, battery-operated, single-use handheld device to help surgeons see the location of this hidden part of the anatomy.

Augmedics Secures $8.3 Million in Series A Funding for Augmented-Reality Surgical Visualization System

Augmedics, a developer of an augmented-reality (AR) surgical visualization system, has secured $8.3 million in Series A funding. Led by Davos, Switzerland-based AO Invest, which is fully funded by the non-profit AO Foundation, as well as Israeli Innovation Authority, Terra Venture Partners and other undisclosed investors. Augmedics will use the proceeds to complete research and development as well as pre-clinical and clinical trials of its ViZOR System, establish strategic distribution partnerships, and seek 510(k) clearance for The ViZOR from the US. Food and Drug Administration.

Eximis Surgical: Filling a Gap in Laparoscopic Tissue Removal

The notorious morcellator, a tool for the laparoscopic removal of uterine fibroids and other tissues, has largely gone into disuse since the FDA issued a black box warning about the devices because of their potential for spreading cancerous cells. Eximis Surgical is filling the gap with a laparoscopic device that it says will not only be safe, but will also offer procedural advantages and result in higher quality tissue specimens for analysis.

Shark Tank Meets Spine Start Up VerteCore!

While most of the talk this summer has been about shark sightings and attacks along our beaches and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’s race against the great white shark on the Discovery channel, there are some entrepreneurs who are quietly preparing to go head to head with a different group of sharks in the upcoming season of ABC’s Shark Tank which is scheduled to return in the fall.