Endotronix Celebrates 100th Implant Of The Cordella Pulmonary Artery Pressure Sensor For Proactive, Remote Management Of Heart Failure

Endotronix, Inc., a digital health and medical technology company dedicated to advancing the treatment of heart failure, today announced the 100th global implant of the Cordella Pulmonary Artery Pressure Sensor (Cordella Sensor) by Cardiologist and top worldwide implanter Faisal Sharif, MD of Bon Secours Hospital and Director of Cardiovascular Research at NUIG, both in Galway, Ireland.
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Western Ireland’s University Hospital Galway Leading Advanced Heart Failure Monitoring Clinical Trial

The investigational product, known as the Cordella Sensor from U.S.-based company called Endotronix, detects changes in the health of patients with heart failure while securely transmitting information to the cardiovascular team. With this data in real time, the cardiovascular team can not only receive relevant updates but also can intervene with the goal of preventing heart failure flare-up resulting in emergency hospitalization.
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